Grant de Graf is a writer and economist who has notched up experience in the trenches of global markets. He is a graduate of the University of Cape Town, majoring in economics and a former trader on Wall Street, where he specialized in options and equity arbitrage.

De Graf covers issues that relate to the credit crunch, business cycles, asset correlations, and more recently the sovereign debt crisis. See Portfolio.

In his blog, Earthquake 2011 he deals with issues, which concern the economic impact of the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami that struck Japan. The author writes and publishes material that articulates the global consequences and risks associated with the reconstruction process.

Additionally, de Graf publishes leading articles on Risk Watch, a barometer of geopolitical and economic risks that impact financial markets.

More recently, Grant de Graf has posted updates to An Economist's Diary, a blog that captures global sentiment and economic trends that are moving markets.

He is also the published author of Cavalier's Call, a work of historical fiction that is set at the dawn to Portugal's Age of Discovery, available in hard copy, paperbackon Kindle, or eBook (recommended).

De Graf is currently active in the production of Blindman's Bluff, a full feature film. You can view further details on the story line on the Blindman's Bluff Facebook page. or on his home page (Grant de Graf's Home Page)