Writings and Coverage by Grant de Graf

Counter arguments on Professor Klaus Schawab's contention that EU countries should not exit the Euro.

An Encounter With a Diplomat in New York

An article on the making of a WSJ interview with a high profile diplomat.

The Reason Why the Euro in its Current State Will Not Continue

Commentary on the prevailing political pressures that will ultimately compel politicians to alter course towards a fragmented Europe, which will be in everyone's best interest.

Commentary on the political hiatus in South Africa that is precluding it from piggy backing on the spike in the gold price.

An article on the correlation between austerity in Britain and the riots that rocked the country in August 2011.

An article on the foolhardy attempt by the European Central Bank to buy bonds in the market in August 2011, to constrain yields.

Future of Euro's Sustainability is Vulnerable

An article, written July 29, 2011 that articulates the reasons why the Euro in its current form will not prevail.

Highlighting the fact that a long-term solution to the Euro crisis, without a measure of consensus from the private sector, is not possible.

An article articulating the point that the lack of independent and fluctuating exchange rates is blocking those troubled countries within the European Union, from achieving economic relief. 

An article that discusses the difficulties of measuring inflation accurately and how using interest rates as a tool to constrain inflation can be problematic.

Canada's Reserve Bank Adopts Novel Approach to Housing Boom

Commentary about the novel approach that Canada is applying to contain any prospect of a housing bubble.

Greece: Trojans and Spartans Return to Battle

A synopsis of the potentially negative impact of austerity and why the Euro model is floored.

Commentary on the role that regulation should play in an economy and the negative way it can constrain efficiency.

Written on June 12, 2011, the article analyzes austerity and stimulus and the impact these two facets of economic policy are having on the recovery.

Why the Euro Will Remain Strong

A perspective on why the Euro will retain its strength to a large extent.

Written on May 30, 2011 at the time of Dominique Strauss Kahn's arrest, the commentary expresses skepticism about the claims that are being made against then, commander-in-chief of the IMF.

Economic Perspectives: Forex, UK Elections, Paki-US Relations, Middle East Violence, Inflation in China and Commodity Prices

A summary of political and economic events that were driving financial markets in May 2011.

Commentary on the aggressive timeline that governments are setting for Portugal's bailout.

Commentary on the challenging dynamics that may exist in achieving political stability, following bin Laden's capture.

A summary of political and economic dynamics that were unfolding at the time of bin Laden's death.

A prediction of a few economic and political events.

A reason why the spike in yields for Portugal's bonds may be positive.

A 5 point plan that will resolve Portugal's economic disposition.

An Obscure Inflation Indicator

A discussion on the failings of European government in measuring inflation.

The argument for a weaker Yen in perspective.