Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Winter of Forgotten Hope

By Grant de Graf

A chilly breeze blows across the Alps as winter approaches and politicians continue to search for an economic solution to what is being called the mother of all sovereign debt crises.

Europe spent years of dedicated service in building the Euro with its respective European partners, producing a currency that represented a significant part of the global economy. Today the vision which politicians rallied to support, lies in virtual tethers.

Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, predicts that Europe has weeks to decide, whether the Euro has legs. German Chancellor Merkel has issued a call for unity and stronger financial discipline among members. Does that mean that the end is nigh? Economically speaking almost everyone agrees, including the leading players within the EU, that in order to survive the Euro has to undergo some fundamental changes. Seemingly there is somewhat of a mismatch between the political determination of European leaders to protect its currency and the viability of the economic blueprint that is associated with the Euro. One ponders whether Europe's leaders have the economic skill and face to be able to structure a plan that can save Europe. Sometimes it takes a greater sense of courage and wisdom to release the eagle from capture, than to ensnare it. The art of falconry was never Europe's strong point.


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