Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Do Natural Gas Vehicles Have legs?

  • Technology for natural gas powered vehicles (NGV) is making new strides in lowering costs and reducing emissions.
  • Fueling costs of natural gas vehicles are one third of traditional unleaded gasoline fueled vehicles.
  • However, the challenge of fueling availability, remains an obstacle.
  • Consequently, the gas industry needs to build infrastructure, like a network of fueling stations, to meet the needs of motorists.
  • In light of the potential for NGVs, manufactures such as Ford, General Motors, Dodge, and Honda are already producing models of natural gas powered vehicles.
  • As expected, mechanics and auto shops will also need to make some changes. But they won’t need to become familiar with a whole new engine.
  • The potential for the growth of the NGV industry remains significant.

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